The History Behind Odissea

O dissea was founded in Innsbruck in 2013 as a software house for the production of solutions for bookmakers. Thanks to the competence, precision and reliability of its members, over the years Odissea has been able to build a successful business in the online games and software industry.

Our long experience in the world of gaming and entertainment has given us a thorough know-how of market dynamics and users’ demands, and has helped us achieve more and more ambitious goals. Technological innovations, Customer Care and strategic investments are the keys to our success.

Constantly committed to improving the gaming experience and studying new market trends, our team of experts and gaming professionals assists clients in building a tailor-made business aimed at maximum profit.

History Odissea


O dissea offers an exclusive service in the betting and gaming sector. Thanks to our selection of technologically advanced online products and games, we have conquered an important market share in the gaming world. 800 shops use our top-up and gaming services every day, offering users a unique and compelling experience.

We are proud of our innovative vision and of the constant commitment we put into the satisfaction of our partners’ and customers’ requirements. We raise the market challenges: we bet and we always win. This is why you will become our next customer.

As Aldous Huxley said: “If you don’t gamble, you’ll never win”.

The Right People In The Right Jobs

Luca Pasquini
Luca PasquiniCEO & Founder
In 2013, Luca co-founded Odissea Betriebsinformatik Beratung Gmbh and was instrumental in planning and creating a powerful, leading edge sports betting and gaming technology system. Luca also contributed to assembling a solid team of gaming specialists and software engineers, that have developed a comprehensive bookmaker platform and a full suite of gaming products.
Federico Reisenauer
Federico ReisenauerSoftware Project Manager
Federico is a Project Management expert with over 15 years of team leadership experience in IT resource-oriented management of Linux and Windows systems. He is responsible for stakeholder relationships as well as for our customer interface concept; moreover, he translates commercial functional requirements of our betting platform software to our technical development staff.
Andrea Amantini
Andrea AmantiniTechnical Project Manager
Andrea has more than 10 years of experience in developing applications for the betting and gambling world. He started out as a .Net developer, then as a Database Administrator in SQL Server, and finally as a Business Intelligence Engineer. Thanks to the different positions he held in his career, Andrea has a vast knowledge of the business, and for this reason he is Odissea’s wild-card.
Antonio Puglia
Antonio PugliaNET Developer and Software Architect
Antonio has more than 15 years of experience in software development. He is specialized in software architecture and is always researching how current technologies may be upgraded. His role is to facilitate the developers’ job in order to improve the quality of the software, making it safer, more scalable and more performing.
Edoardo Calleri
Edoardo CalleriSupport Department Manager and Quality Assurance
Edoardo holds the position of Manager of Support Department since 2016; he also contributes to Quality Assurance and performs statistical analyses. Thanks to his experience and personal skills, he is excellent in building relations with customers. His main goal is to understand the needs of customers and improve their work experience.      
Francesco Angrisani
Francesco AngrisaniSystem Network Administrator
Francesco has over than 15 years of experience in network administration; since 2016, he is our System administrator and Network Administrator. Thanks to his past experience as network administrator, System administrator and IT consultant, he has created and maintains a solid network infrastructure, and he is always ready to satisfy customer’s requirements.                    
Careers Odissea

Are you Dedicated, Hardworking, and Fun? Join Us!

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Are you Dedicated, Hardworking, and Fun? Join Us!

If you are looking for a challenging, fun and refreshing job, visit our LinkedIn profile, consult our list of vacancies and contact us

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Careers Odissea