Sport Betting Solutions

Elys is the name of our gaming betting platform. The system is able to manage tens of thousands of prematch events and more than 200 live events simultaneously with thousands of available markets. Thanks to a highly scalable and performing architecture, the platform is able to manage hundreds of thousands of transactions per second.
The system is designed for highly flexible and personalized multi-level risk management that maximizes bookmaker operations.
All these features along with great flexibility and customization of features make Elys the most innovative betting solution at the moment.

Gaming Provider Integration

Odissea offers the possibility to integrate casino, poker, virtual games providers and e-sports. You can choose the integration way of the providers, we have the possibility to integrate via seam or seamless. We have a very easy and flexible bonus management: you can choose Welcome Bonus System for Sportbook and Third Parties (casino, poker, virtual games and more) or manual Bonus System. The strong point of our Bonus System is its flexibility.

Payment Provider Integrations

Thanks to its extreme flexibility, the Elys platform is ready for integration of any payment method. We currently support the most known payment providers, such as Wirecard and Skrill. We ensure complete control over all players’ deposit and withdrawal transactions, regardless of the used payment method, by maintaining a very strong data protection.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Gain A Deep Understanding Of Your Business And Improve Performance.
Our reporting system and business intelligence will help you with data analyses and support executives in making informed business decisions

User Account Management

One of the strengths of the Elys platform is the extreme flexibility and customization of user account management. We provide the possibility of having a scalable hierarchy, risk management for users and the user data management in highest security and compliance with the privacy rules. With Elys you can be sure to have visibility and control over all transactions made by a user.