Training Services

Odissea provides a full usage training service for the Elys gaming platform. A team of experienced and qualified professionals will walk you through the whole process, from the initial installation phase to a complete understanding of the platform operation.


Odissea is characterized by continuous research and development in order to always be innovative. Its team is dedicated to the research of new technologies to keep the Elys gaming platform always on the cutting edge. Particular attention is paid to technologies that currently represent a step towards the future, such as Blockchain, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

The goal of Odissea is to provide an innovative, high-performance, flexible and easy-to-use gaming platform.

Technical Support

The Odissea technical support team is composed of qualified people who have been working together for several years. Their experience has led them to have a strong empathy with customers in immediate understanding of their needs. The purpose of the technical support department is to help gaming operators and support them with immediate resolution of possible problems. Furthermore, it always aims to improve the operators’ work with new developments and changes in the existing functionalities, modeling them according to different needs.