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Discovering odds and outcomes has never been so easy and fun. Through Mono, our friendly chatbot, you can find out the odds of the games you are interested in, and whether or not the coupon you have placed is winning. Chatting with Mono is a lot of fun: he is a real odds expert!

Web Affiliations

We provide our affiliates with industry leading tools.

Affiliates can track their registrations, impressions, clicks, and deposits from their affiliate dashboard.
Affiliates can earn commissions through Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) or Revenue Share.

Flexible Bonus Management

Our bonus management system is highly flexible. We offer the possibility of gaining bonuses from welcome promotions and manual bonuses.
Both Welcome Bonuses and Manual Bonuses can be delivered on third party products (Casino, Casino Live, Poker, Virtual, etc.) and on the SportBook.

Our Partners